Student Transport

DEBRA Espana

With 29 years’ experience in student travel, etr enjoys a firmly established reputation as the innovative provider of student travel programs for international schools.

Since 1993, schools around the world have complimented Antalya Vip transport company for well run, time efficient student tours. We continually hear that our personalized service is unsurpassed and that it is one of the main reasons, as well as our vast wealth of destination knowledge and expertise, that we have such an outstanding record of repeat clients.

At Antalya vip transport company our philosophy is simple: We understand that just as no teacher's desired outcome for a tour is exactly the same, so we never create the exact same tour twice.

For you, the organizing teacher or administrator, this means we offer a truly personal service, all geared to creating for you the most time-efficient, value based tour for you and your students. We provide guidance and planning right down to the very finest details and continually strive to exceed your very high expectations.