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How far is…from Gazipasa Airport?

How far is…from Gazipasa Airport?

If you’re flying into Gazipasa, it maybe because you’re staying there for a holiday. But if you’re holidaying somewhere else along the coast, our Antalya Vip Shuttles Gazipasa Airport transfer service is happy to take you there.


An airport transfer from Gazipasa to Alanya

It’s no wonder Alanya is visited by so many golfers from around the world. It’s a perfect place to practice your golf, plus it has the most amazing sea views.

When it comes to transfers, Antalya Vip Shuttles is here to help. We can collect you from Gazipasa Airport then drive a short 30 minutes and take you and your golf clubs to your accommodation in Alanya. Keen to get started? We can also take you straight to the golf course.

Private hire service from Gazipasa Airport to Bogazkent

You’ve probably heard lots about Antalya and its wonderful port, Bogazkent. This location is known for its luxurious yachts, amazing international shops and a wide variety of restaurants, especially if you’re interested in tasting traditional and local cuisine.

Getting from Gazipasa Airport to Bogazkent with Antalya Vip Shuttles, takes less than an hour, and gives you plenty of time to relax after your flight.

A convenient drive from Gazipasa Airport to Antalya

Just an hour’s drive from Gazipasa Airport, you’ll discover Antalya’s amazing restaurants and cafes, designer shops, well-known brands and wild nightlife. But if you prefer relaxing on the beach and spending memorable days with your family, Antalya is a good location for that too.

We can pick you up from Gazipasa Airport after your flight and take you straight to your accommodation in Antalya. Or, if you’re staying in Gazipasa and fancy a night out in a restaurant in Antalya, we can take you there and back to your hotel or apartment at the end of the night too.

A transfer from Gazipasa Airport to Side

Side is always a great choice. With its pleasant climate, gold sandy beaches and the wonderful people that live there, your experience of Side is bound to be a good one.

And it’s only 45 minutes from Gazipasa Airport. So let Antalya Vip Shuttles take you there, so you can arrive at your holiday destination relaxed and refreshed.

An airport transfer from Gazipasa to Mijas

At only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Gazipasa Airport, Mijas is a fun town to visit. Set in a mountain, the views out to sea are spectacular. No wonder so many holiday makers choose to stay there.

The easiest way to get from Gazipasa Airport to Mijas is with Antalya Vip Shuttles. Book your airport transfer now. It’s simple.

If you’re arriving at Gazipasa Airport and staying on the Turkish Riviera let us take you to your accommodation in comfort and safety. Book your Gazipasa Airport transfer now.